“Worth the wait. Ricotta Polenta Pie… the first thing I noticed was how flaky and light the pie crust was. I picked up a flake tasted the sweetness. This was going to be good and sure enough it was.” 

— P. Justason

Seasonal desserts

Holiday Special Pastry
New Year's
Full holiday dessert menu
Three King's Day/ Epiphany
Galette Des Rois
Valentine's Day
Heart Shaped Eclairs and Meringues, Heart Cookies and much more
Fauschnaut Day/Mardi Gras
3 types of our special FAUX donuts
Ash Wednesday
Hot Cross Buns
St. Patrick's Day
Irish Soda Bread, Brown Bread, Gingerbread, Irish Potatoes, Tea Cookies
Full Dessert menu including Ricotta Polenta Pie and Hot Cross Buns
Many flourless desserts (see Wheat-Free menu)
Mother's Day
Raspberry filled Flower Cookies. Call for more of our specials!
Father's Day
Chocolate Cream Pie
Memorial Day
Seasonal Pies, Shortcakes
4th of July
Lemon tart, Seasonal Pies, Shortcakes
Meringue Bones and Ghosts, cookies and much more
Rosh Hashanah
Jewish Apple Cake, Apple Galette, Macaroons, Rugelach, Round Challah
Yom Kippur
Apple Galette, Macaroons, Rugelach, Challah
Apple Pie, Southern Pecan Pie, Maple Pumpkin Pie, Cherry Almond Pie, etc.
Jewish Apple Cake, Rugelach, Macaroons and much more
Italian Rum Cake, Ricotta Pie, Rigo Jansci and cookies galore!
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