About Us

Since 1991, we at Crossroads Bake Shop have sought to create top quality breads and pastries pleasing both the eye and palate. Our recipes and methods are a cross between European and American baking traditions, (hence our name Crossroads), and our techniques are based on natural processes that take their own time. In fact, a carefully controlled fermentation is what gives our bread its great taste and texture, its often dark and always intensely flavored crust.

We use only unbleached, unbromated flour (and organic flour whenever possible); our customers will never find artificial colors, flavors or hydrogenated shortenings in our products. Nor will they see a great deal of machinery in our shop; as artisans, we choose rather to rely on the talent and experience of our bakers.

The greatest value in our work is quality, a quality that depends on timeless traditions and the one ingredient that makes our baked goods unique – time sufficient to the process itself. We can’t keep up with round-the-clock service industries, nor do we want to. What we do want is always to strive to maintain a harmonious balance between craft, creativity and customer service.


Saveur Magazine says it all…

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